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About Me



First off I have to say I never thought I would have the courage or strength to start my own business. Yikes! It has been a challenge but oh how I love a challenge.

I have to admit Treatastic wasn't something I've dreamt of as a little child. I wanted to do many things but I didn't know that doing something like "baking", a hobby could be something that could turn into a career. 

I started baking with my Abuelita (grandmother) when I was around the age of 8. Our tradition was to go to the store, get one of those box cakes and indulge in something sweet.  When I became a mom, I revisited that hobby. The first time I never made anything sweet was for my oldest daughter (I have four) 1st birthday. We wanted to do something really nice for so we got a cake from a store and I still felt that wasn't enough so I decided to bake two dozen cupcakes the night before her birthday party. Everyone chose to eat my cupcakes over the cake. I got a ton of compliments but so I knew my stuff was good but I didn't take that leap until years later.  

Baking has become my therapy, it something that takes me away from the realities of the world and it something that I genuinely love to do. That is why I decided to take my hobby seriously. Turning my passion into a career that I can ultimately turn into a family business, opened a world of possibilities.  

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